First Photography Love – Working With People

Welcome To My Business Restart Journey As we are all too painfully aware, the past 16 months or so have been, to put it mildly, challenging. I'm happy to see that BC is now into Step 3 of a welcome restart after so many months. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again. Since … Continue reading First Photography Love – Working With People


Cowichan Valley Covid-19 Business Recovery

Helping Cowichan Valley Business' Covid-19 RecoveryAugust 2020 Monthly Special - Free Photography and Video for Small Business Video Transcript:Are you a small business, artist or sole proprietor in the Cowichan Valley?How's your business' Covid-19 recovery going?I'd like to help you in your business’ recovery and marketing by giving you free professional photography and video.For … Continue reading Cowichan Valley Covid-19 Business Recovery

New Challenge During Pandemic

Is Learning the Ukulele Considered a Challenge? Ukulele Isolation Challenge - The Music is Not Me Playing 😊 Recently, world events have caused disruptions to our "normal" lives, concerns over obtaining basic necessities and feelings of vulnerability. We've wondered if we can trust and depend on our leadership; in some countries more than others. … Continue reading New Challenge During Pandemic

Cherry Blossoms – Harbinger of Spring

Cherry Blossoms Signal That Spring Has Sprung Each year, in the Cowichan Valley, we anxiously await the arrival of the Cherry Blossoms - The Announcement of Spring's beginning. These tiny blooms, displayed in their multitudes, grace us with a gentleness of sight and colour. They're a welcome sight during these trying times while we're dealing … Continue reading Cherry Blossoms – Harbinger of Spring