On1 Photo Raw 2022 Now Has Sky Swap AI

This feature has to be experienced to truly appreciate how accurate and easy it is to swap out a drab sky or create a new style or mood in your photos.

See Video Below

On1 Photo Raw Sky Swap AI

It’s all automatic, but you can also adjust and fine tune if you wish.

Sky Swap AI automatically detects the sky in photos and creates a mask. Then you choose from one of the over 100 included skies or import your own.

You keep complete control over the mask used to blend the sky and can use the masking tools you are already familiar with to adjust it as needed. You can adjust the sky to blend better with your foreground or even blur the sky to simulate a long exposure.

Not only does it replace the sky, but it will adjust the foreground lighting and colour and add a reflection of the sky to water found in the foreground. You can even copy and paste to other layers for ultimate control.

It simply doesn’t get any easier than this.

Download your Free Trial Version Now.

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